The Coming Chaos — Hoping for the Best and Preparing for the Worst

We’ve gone through four years of resistance, half of the country unwilling to accept President Trump and scheming non-stop for ways to remove him from power. When the Russian collusion narrative fell apart, they tried impeachment. And, when that failed, they shifted to trying to blame Trump for a global pandemic.

The latest attempt to undermine this administration, sowing seeds of racial disharmony in the wake of deadly policing incidents, has now appeared to have backfired. Trump’s popularity rose 9% amongst the minority voters. Why? Well, many minorities live in the communities wracked by violence and, while being opposed to police brutality, certainly do not agree with the far-leftists trying to dismantle police departments.

There is a good chance of Trump winning and there seems to be an effort underway to prime the public for their plan B. That is why I’m writing this post. It is to prepare you for what could be coming if Trump wins on election day…

The latter half of that list is a little wild. But the first four or five predictions seem to well within the realm of the possible.

Plan B

Let’s not be naive. The stories coming out now that predict Trump to win on election day with “counting” later overturning the results, which seems suspiciously like building a narrative to cover for fraud. And that this reported “study” is coming from Hawkish, a Bloomberg and Democrat affiliated “data agency,” only further adds validity to the idea that this is political psyops. They are presenting an explanation for the anomalies they plan to create, through mail-in ballot fraud, so fewer people question when their backup plan goes into effect.

Yes, there have been widespread Democrat denials of this potential for fraud. They block voter ID laws, promote a less secure method of voting, and claim this lack of election security benefits minorities. Talk about the racism of low expectations. But could it be this is also because they know something that we do not know? Could it be that where there is smoke there is fire and for every operative caught, like the five recently charged with voter fraud in New Jersey, there were one hundred others never caught?

According to a whistleblowing insider’s confessions, there are many ways to steal an election through mail-in ballots. The idea that the postal service is a politically neutral institution is silly considering that a USPS union has endorsed Joe Biden, citing fear of budget cuts. If a lazy letter carrier can throw away voter guides, as has happened in Berkeley, what (other than Obama’s audacious hopes) would stop a colleague from strategically disposing of ballots collected in Republican strongholds? Desperation, for those who believe the ends justify the means, can be used to justify many things.

Al “Grabby” Fraken

The amazing thing is how more “counting” nearly always favors Democrats. For example, when creepy Al Franken (pictured above) somehow found enough votes, after losing on election day, to upset his incumbent Republican challenger. Seems possible he grabbed some votes through some extracurricular activities, doesn’t it?

You’ll Be Fine, Karen…

There’s that saying that desperate times require desperate measures. But then again, desperate people will always find in an excuse to justify their over-the-top and irrational responses. Just because someone believes that it is the end of the world doesn’t mean it is. And just because someone soaks up the Democrat propaganda like a sponge doesn’t make Trump “literally Hitler” and the Presidential equivalent to evil Emperor Palpatine…

A former school classmate, Karen, posted that imagine of desperation above. It really is a window into the rank-and-file Democrat mind. Many are truly convinced that a) Covid-19 is so scary that in-person voting is extremely dangerous and b) that they might actually die if Trump wins four more years. The global pandemic has really fed into this hysteria and, again, these are people who take political hit pieces against the President completely at face value.

No, Trump is not getting rid of mailboxes. That is fake news, a Democrat conspiracy theory:

The Postal Service clarified that collecting mailboxes is standard practice that allows the service to repair, replace, or relocate mailboxes. Biden should know that. After all, more than 14,000 mailboxes were removed during former President Barack Obama’s administration between 2011 and 2016. But Democrats didn’t blink an eye then, nor did they seem to care when Obama proposed that the Postal Service slash 12,000 jobs in 2016.

Again, the corporate media whipped people into a frenzy to the point that I saw people actually holding “save the USPS” like Trump were the Grinch that stole Christmas. As if he was, with a dastardly cackle, removing every single mailbox before the election, only for Democrats, so that he would win. The whole vote because your life depends on it shtick is growing old. It is repeated election after election, in different forms, to scare the poor Karens of the country into being Democrat drones.

If you are so worried, wear your mask, social distance as best you can, and cast your ballot with the rest of us. If your life actually depends on it, pretend you are going to pick up groceries and stop being a slave to fears.

You got this, Karen!

What Will Happen in November?

It is noteworthy that an increasing number of Democrats are beginning to see through the planned chaos. Six Democratic Minnesota mayors have openly pledged their support for Trump on November 3rd after seeing real violence raining down as a result of far-leftists. Trump’s popularity has again, increased with minority voters. And, due to a thing called preference falsification, as in 2016, he’s likely doing far better than polls would indicate. Which is why we are seeing the groundwork for a drawn out fight that could go on for weeks after the election, feeding the the simmering tensions.

A healthy Joe Biden would likely, for the good of the country, do the right thing and concede. But the Biden we have seen in this campaign, a doddering 77-year-old senior citizen, is not exactly looking like the man in charge. It is likely that he will not be allowed to make that decision. Those who benefit from the current division will not give up on their bid for power that easily and will try to add to the chaos.

Biden gets advice.

Expect social media platforms to go dark or, as they’ve done consistently during the current unrest, massively curtail efforts to counter the corporate media narrative. The tech giants have clearly picked a side and that side is not freedom of speech. They, like regimes did during the Arab spring, will do whatever they can do to disrupt efforts of the unwashed masses to organize against their own desired outcome. If there were a coup these social media billionaires and corporations would have the power to hide that story for days. Do not underestimate them, do not underestimate their desperation. They want control.

My gut tells me that those who have, for the most part, maintained their silence as cities burned, and patiently waited for their opportunity to cast their ballot in support of the President, will not take this play sitting down. Trump is a symbol to them. He has defied the corporate and cultural elites. He has spoken for their plight, as those who have seen their jobs outsourced and prospects devastated by the globalist whims of the ruling class. These are people who do not live in gated communities, who can’t afford to virtue-signal about open borders and defunding those on the frontlines. They will not let Karen or her crooked lawyers try to steal the election from them.

In the end, I have no crystal ball. I can’t even know the extent to which ballots cast in an unsecured manner, mailed in, are corrupted. The November election could be the last straw before civil war or it could lead to a sea change without the violence. But I do have little doubt that it may be remembered as a pivotal moment in the history of our nation, much like the election of Abraham Lincoln, and could set the tone for a century to come. I pray for peace. I hope that the better angels of our shared humanity do prevail. But, at the same time, it is time to be prepared, to make connections not dependent on big tech, and see through the narrative.

It Is Time to Retire Black Lives Matter

The political organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) quickly rose in prominence after a disturbing image of a Minnesota police officer sparked national outrage. President Trump almost immediately took to Twitter to announce a Federal inquiry into the incidents and also to express solidarity with the family of George Floyd. The officer involved was soon arrested.

But, what could have been a time for national unity was hijacked by political opportunists looking for an excuse to cause chaos. Sure, there were many peaceful protestors, and yet also plenty of arson, vandalism, looting and other violence. Pretty soon there were murders as well. Those slain including David Dorn, an elderly retired St Louis police captain, who had responded to a break-in at a friend’s pawn shop and the body count has continued to rise.

David Dorn matters

The assassination of Bernell Trammell, a black Trump supporter in Minneapolis, followed by the stabbing of videographer Andrew Duncomb by an Antifa thug, largely ignored by the corporate media, further exposed the true nature of the unrest. This clearly was not about making black lives matter and never was for those behind the organization of that name.

The founders of BLM are self-described Marxists, extremely far-left individuals, and clearly only care about black lives when it helps advance their political agenda. They have nothing to say about Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman named Margaret Sanger for the purpose of killing black babies, nor the thousands of murders as a result of fatherless homes and gang violence. The name of BLM is simply a way to exploit the sympathies of the gullible and drive a wedge of racial division.

The Lie of Black Lives Matter

One thing the left likes to do is monopolize language as a way to prevent honest conversation. Politicial correctness, along with cancel culture, is a way for the left to control the narrative and silence dissenting voices. The word racism, for example, once denoted racial prejudice or discrimination, has now been narrowed to apply only to white people and can be applied to almost anything a white person says or does. The left is continually inventing new racially charged language and yet to say anything about this manipulative word play and hypocrisy will instantly get you accused of being a racist.

When the words “black lives matter” began to appear everywhere many sensible people retorted with the more inclusive “all lives matter” and rejected the toxic racial tribalism. Of course, the propagandists, trying to milk racial grievance for all it is worth, could not allow this better framing, this needed to be exclusive and racially divisive. So articles started to appear everywhere parroting absurd claims that this framing was coded white supremacy and refuse to comprehend that some people simply are not as obsessed with skin color and actually do care about all lives black, white or otherwise.

The lie of black lives matter, the phrase, is that 1) it doesn’t reflect a kind of dangerous racial tribalism and 2) that black lives don’t matter. Saying “white lives matter” is interpreted by far-leftist organizations as being white supremacist, blatantly racist and ‘hate’ speech. But the reality is that most use of this as a satire, to point out the racial doublestandard that excuses racial tribalism in one breath and then condemns it in the next. It is gaslighting. It is to shut down critical thinking and force acceptance of their false and divisive racial narrative. We are supposed to simply accept that only one factor shapes outcomes, that all white people are privileged and all black people are oppressed.

It’s all lies and manipulation. Black lives matter more than white lives. How do I know? When Daniel Shaver was gunned down, crawling as commanded by a police officer, begging for his life, having committed no crime, there were no protests, no Federal inquiries, nothing. Likewise, when a Dallas teenager, Tony Timpa, cried out “you’re going to kill me” and died as officers mocked him, there was no national conversation about police brutality or Twitter hashtags. The majority of those killed by police are white men and at rates disproportionate in their participation in violent crime. But there are no murals of them, no marches, or being turned into martyrs.

And that’s what “white male privilege” really is: When a white male is killed everyone, besides their mother, believes they deserved it. But somehow, if a man has the right skin color he can be doing anything, high on drugs beating a grandma, and automatically he’s the victim of oppression.

Facts are racist.

Jessica Doty Whitaker, a young pregnant woman and nurse, was murdered for exercising her freedom of speech, saying “all lives matter,” and there was no condemnation of that nor the threats against her family. We are supposed to believe that she and her Hispanic fiance are racists who deserves what she got. We are supposed to believe she is “Racist Rachel” for daring to be truly inclusive and taking a moral stand against racial tribalism.

The reality is that black lives matter is a statement of racial supremacy, that black matter more, and the defense of this is inexcusable.

Enough is Enough!

The left-wing propaganda media constantly accuses Trump of things like fomenting hate for standing up to their bullying and misinformation. For example, when he stated a simple reality, “looting leads to shooting,” after Dorn was gunned down by a looting mob, Twitter flagged this as “glorifying violence” and raged in headlines about the supposedly racist origins of the phrase.

But these same moralizing morons, liars, have absolutely nothing to say about the violent rhetoric that flows like a river of hate out of their own camp and the similarities between that and Nazism.

Antifa and Nazi symbolism

The corporate media takes no responsibility for the fears and anxieties that they amplify nor the innocent who are the collateral damage of their campaigns. Any white woman who acts can be labeled as a “Karen” and become an object of national ridicule, may even lose your job and face criminal charges. Meanwhile, cities have burned, groups of youths attack random strangers, destroy property, invade peaceable neighborhood, and aren’t even prosecuted.


When a leftist acts out, this is always justified as a response to injustice. Even when one black Trump supporter is murdered and another stabbed, stabbed by a white Antifa terrorist, there is barely a murmur against it in the corporate media. Black men only become maytrs when they are useful for political agenda and that agenda being the Marxist agenda, otherwise their lives do not matter. BLM and their white supremacist Antifa allies do not actually care about George Floyd. They do not care about any life, they are driven by hate and ideology, and exploit tragedy and racial grievance. They want violence and unrest, not peace, and the media is complicit.

We are led to believe that, after weeks of racial division being fomented, that a five year old boy being murdered in cold blood, his brains blown out in front of his siblings, is a random act of violence and barely newsworthy. The same media that spent weeks obsessing on a man who was high on drugs, passing fake currency, and saying “I can’t breathe” (long before being restrained on the ground with a knee to the neck) now has nothing to say when grown man intentionally kills a child of another race and we aren’t supposed to notice.

Privileged child and oppressed minority?

We aren’t supposed to notice when a boy of similar age was tossed off of the third floor balcony a couple of years ago in Minneapolis either, it would be racist to notice the overall patterns of violence. But eventually peaceable people will have enough. The left cannot be allowed to continue their murderous spree. Marxist hate and hypocrisy matters. Marxism is a far bigger threat than racism because it kills people of all races, all ages, and is never held accountable.

It is time to cancel BLM, Antifa and all hate sympathizers. It is time to unapologetically say that all lives matter.

David Dorn matters.

Jessica Whitaker matters.

Jessica Whitaker and fiance.

Bernell Trammell matters.

Bernell Trammell

And, yes, Cannon Hinnant matters as well.

#sayhisname #CannonHinnant

If you can’t say all lives matter. If you can only show solidarity with people who share your own skin color and side with them no matter what. Then you have no moral ground to stand on against racism. You are not a voice against hate and injustice as you claim, but are a liar and hypocrite. The reality is that BLM, Antifa, and their corporate media sponsors are projecting their own prejudices. It is time to stop caring what they call us, stop letting them gaslight us, and start pushing back against their divisive lies. It is time to retire the racist hate-groups that only care about some lives at the expense of all.

Iconoclasm, Racist Double Standards and Black Lives

President Trump was mocked by John Oliver, in 2017, for suggesting that the cancel culture mob would not stop with Confederate statues and would soon be out to destroy US Presidents.

Trump was right. Three years later indeed the names of Presidents are being scrubbed out. There is even some saying Mount Rushmore is a monument to “white supremacy” and “racism” and thus should be destroyed. Even statues of Abraham Lincoln are not off-limits anymore.

The American flag, in the past decade or two, has gone from being a symbol of the values that united all Americans, something that black athletes would proudly wrap themselves in, to being something contentious, allegedly an emblem of police brutality and oppression.

So what is this really about and where does it lead?

At first glance this no big deal. A few statues come down, some names get changed, we make some needed police reforms, the offended stop being offended and we move on.

Sadly, if you think this is solved through reasonable concessions to the angry mob then you are sorely mistaken. Truly, if you think this is actually about the death of George Floyd or even racial injustice at all, then you do not understand the nature of this historical purge movement.

No, existing racial grievance is merely the tool being used, the front, and a Marxist overthrow of our system is the actual goal. This is why Marxist icons, like Che Guevera or Fidel Castro, get a free pass for their mistreatment of homosexuals and racism:

“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

(Che Guevera, “The Motorcycle Diaries“)

Can you imagine anyone else calling black people lazy or frivolous and getting away with it?

But this is the image that Jay-Z wears…

Jay-Z likes being called frivolous and lazy?

Guilt By Association For Thee, Not For Me…

Remember Charlottesville where one man, out of thousands who showed up to peacefully demonstrate, plowed his car into a crowd and became the defining image of the event?

Remember when Trump, after he excoriated white supremacists and condemned the violence on both sides, right and left, remarked that there were good people on both sides? And how the corporate media went nuts, leaving out all context to Trump’s comments and claiming that he had praised white supremacists when, in fact, he had done the complete opposite?

Contrast that with the current coverage of the rioting, looting, vandalism, and attacks on innocent people, and how this is described as “mostly peaceful protests” or even just “peaceful protests” despite the ongoing violence and destruction.

By this standard, then Derek Chauvin was a mostly good police officer.

If the BLM protests are “mostly peaceful” then police brutality is an extremely rare exception rather than a systemic issue. The vast majority of interactions people (including those ‘of color’) have with police are peaceful and those extremely rare exceptions usually involve some sort of violent criminal behavior on the part of those injured or killed.

So, I guess we can stop talking about police brutality, right?

The reality is that public perception is being manipulated. This double-standard, where peaceful right-leaning protestors are marred forever by a few bad eggs while deadly left-wing violence is downplayed, ignored, or even justified, is very intentional. It is gaslighting. We are supposed to ignore our eyes, ignore the mobs of looters, look beyond the extreme violence of Antifa, and the hateful anti-white rhetoric of a BLM founder, not see the arson, yet George Floyd’s death is all the proof needed of ‘systemic’ racism?

This business of making some people out to be totally evil and villains for their flaws, while others get a free pass for all bad behavior, needs to stop. If this entire country can be defined by one police officer, if James Field can become the face of the Charlottesville protests, then maybe prejudice and stereotypes that go the other way are okay as well?

At the very least, disavowing hate means also disavowing BLM, the organization, and the violence associated with the protesters. The political right is constantly told that they must own everything that their side does, non-Marxist white historical figures are made forever guilty and negatively labeled for their failures, and it is time for the far-left to be held to the same standard they are demanding of us. If BLM is about racial equality, then they can stop making excuses for criminal behavior that would not be tolerated if the shoe was on the other foot.

The BLM Oppression Narrative is a Lie

The real reason that BLM is not held accountable for the violence and destruction of their side is that they are the systemic oppressors. They have the corporate media and academic institutions, big money, on their side. Political leaders look the other way as not to be canceled themselves. The BLM oppression narrative is a lie, an excuse to destroy a shared American identity and a front to push a far-left Marxist agenda. We need to wise up and wise up fast or we will be living in our own version of Venezuela very soon.

What those standing in solidarity with BLM need to realize is that they are not taking a stand against racial injustice but are truly standing with a far-left political activist organization that promotes the destruction of the family and neo-Marxism. They do not even attempt to hide this. It is right on their website that they want to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” (and take away the very thing that would actually help improve outcomes for minority children) and are about “freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking,” while they are simultaneously not opposed to the leading cause of black deaths while claiming that they are about making black lives matter.

We need to start by holding everyone, black or white, to the same standard. If there can be grace for criminal behavior, if a person can become an icon of all goodness simply for dying at the hands of police in a drug-induced haze, then it is okay to commemorate those who did many great things, who were going in the right direction and are guilty only of being men of their own times. It is either that or we will eventually end up tearing civilization and each other down. If we do not speak now, all Americans, both black and white, will suffer under the new Marxist regime, a black non-conformist as likely to be canceled when they finally achieve their ends as the statues currently being torn down by the far-left mobs.

It is better to have the flawed examples of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. (who encouraged a rape) as our common identity than the neo-Marxist variety that can never be questioned or torn down once installed. Yes, all of our past leaders did bad things, but we celebrate the ideals that they represent, the ideal of liberty, the expanding aspiration for equality for all people, the hope of people not being judged by the color of skin, and not the shortcomings. Even Robert E. Lee was a complex character who can be appreciated, like I do Malcolm X, without being fully endorsed than to have them memory-holed because they don’t fit the current narrative.

The neo-Marxism that BLM represents would oppress us all by removing culture, canceling individual rights entirely, and making it impossible to speak out against their chosen elites, like a page out of an Orwell novel, that’s the truth. BLM, like Antifa, is simply a tool for some to achieve political power. Police brutality, especially coupled with the racial grievance the left has encouraged, is simply an opportunity and means to an end. Right now the majority of Americans of all colors are being oppressed by a vocal minority of far-leftists who aim only to gain power for themselves and are willing to exploit any issue for political gain. Black business owners who saw their work go up in smoke, black people who saw their communities destroyed, to BLM their lives do not matter.

The Surprising Answer To White Privilege and Systemic Racism

White privilege is the idea that a white person has multiple invisible and undefined advantages in a social situation over a black person. It was a term invented by (surprise surprise) a privileged white woman, named Peggy McIntosh, a political activist, and feminist, in an essay lashing out against men and this alleged advantage that white people have for being a racial majority.

Of course, the point of this essay, written in 1989, was to encourage grievance and resentment along racial lines. It is especially ridiculous in the context police brutality, where men (white, black, or otherwise) are the primary victims, that she was actually making a case for white and MALE privilege. I suppose it is systemic sexism that makes men, generally, white or black, much more likely than women to be killed by police?

A far stronger case can actually be made that short men are disadvantaged than can be made for minorities or women being underprivileged. Taller men earn more, they have a greater amount of romantic success and simply look at the average height of US Presidents. This systemic heightism (or, alternatively, “height privilege”) is highlighted on dating sites, explicitly, by statements by women that automatically disqualify men under 5′-10″ tall.

There is also this thing that could be called “progressive privilege” or the reality that far-leftists don’t need to filter their opinions. They can say truly awful things, attack almost anyone, without fear of losing their jobs or being attacked by a vicious social media mob. Go against the far-leftist narrative, on the other hand, say things even like I’m saying here and you might find yourself canceled, de-platformed by large corporations, and otherwise harassed.

Black Privilege Is Also Real

Black privilege is the fact that when one black person is killed by a white police officer, it doesn’t matter the circumstances, the whole nation will hear about it. Black privilege is that racial solidarity that is allowed to a racial minority and would be called racism if the roles were reversed. Black privilege is the special deference given to black people by white people for fear of being called a racist.

Black privilege is the pity and preference given to racial minorities, even those who are actually privileged in terms of wealth or social stature, simply for being minorities. This includes the truly systemic race-based preferences called “affirmative action” (or “reverse discrimination“) and is also this invisible protection against normal criticism that black people enjoy as the supposed victims of racism.

A black person is never required to be introspective. They are allowed to express any and every opinion they have, no matter how toxic, without need to worry about facing normal repercussions for their behavior. A black person can talk all day about how the system is stacked against them. They are allowed to blame their own personal failings on some vague and undefined prejudice. Everything bad a black person does is explained away as being a result of historical injustice.

This cartoon above is the basis of a harassment campaign against a local business, even after they apologized, disavowed the message saying that they didn’t post it themselves and made a statement in favor of Black Lives Matter.

Meanwhile, a white person can’t even talk about racial disparities in crime statistics without being labeled and accused. If a white person complains about mistreatment, then they are “fragile” and worthy of ridicule. A white person, especially a white man, is expected to just suck it up when they are targeted for their race. Even if a white person commits suicide it is framed as being proof of their privilege and not evidence of a hidden disadvantage.

White people are afraid to express their opinions on matters of race because if they do not go along with the leftist narrative they will be ostracized and accused of insensitivity or other nasty things. Honest white people understand exactly what I’m talking about, but they aren’t allowed to say it openly for fear of being labeled. A white person is only allowed to speak when they are speaking in support of the far-left political agenda. Otherwise, they must remain silent and simply ignore other racial disparities that shape outcomes.

What is black privilege?

Black privilege is this popular notion that black people are not responsible for their behavior that falls below a normal standard of decency and decorum. If a black person commits a crime it is because of an assumed racial disadvantage. When a black person doesn’t do as well on the SAT it is assumed to be the result of something systemic and not they simply did not put the same effort forward or fall short as far as their actual qualifications. Black privilege is being able to underachieve and still be praised for your efforts.

Black privilege is being coddled and catered to constantly while still thinking that you’re somehow held back and a victim because an Amish kid stared at you, a black woman, in the same as they stare at everyone who else not Amish. And, yes, that is based in a real encounter with a black woman who seriously believed that a child staring at her was a “micro-aggression” and proof of her suffering systemic harm. And, yes, while I am typically one who expresses opinions freely, even if it is unpopular, I held my tongue (along with the other people in the room) because nobody wanted to call her unbridled wrath upon their heads.

Anyone else who claims that Amish children staring at them as being some sort of a micro-aggression sin would be appropriately ridiculed as an idiot. But black privilege, and systematic suppression of opinions that do not fit the progressive narrative, means that everyone sits and politely puts up with this bullshit because to do otherwise would make them a target of black hate.

Cancel the Politics of Racial Division

When white Democratic Congress members took a knee, while strangely appropriating African attire, in a cringe-worthy attempt at solidarity with the BLM grievance, this awkward “photo-op” was not roundly criticized by the corporate media.

Why not?

Cringey cultural appropriation

Well, the reality is that “white privilege” (like black privilege) is actually Democrat privilege. Democrats are routinely sheltered from the same level of scrutiny and criticism as their political counterparts. It doesn’t matter that the Democrat party is the party of Jim Crow or actual racism. It doesn’t matter that the KKK was once the paramilitary wing of the Democrat party (similar to Antifa today) and killed both black and Republican. Democrat privilege means exemption from the normal standard.

Democrats may not win every election, but they do control the media centers in both New York and California, they are overrepresented in Hollywood, catered to by big corporations and never held accountable by black voters for the things that happen in Democrat-controlled states and cities.

The truth is that the term “white privilege” was invented to take attention off of Democrat failures.

The term “white privilege” feeds black insecurities rather than helps them. The invention of “white privilege” by a privileged white woman is a term to feed minority fears and influence them to vote accordingly. That’s what the term is actually about, political power and getting minorities to vote their fears rather than their hopes. It is a divisive term by design. It is a term that binds us to a narrative of racial division and disharmony, by framing, yet describes a type of discrimination far less potent than imagined and likely cancels out completely when all other factors are considered.

Ultimately, when you cut through the crap, terms like “systemic racism” and “white privilege” were invented because of our resounding success in fighting true institutional racism. They are designed to feed white guilt and also to make minorities feel insecure in their own skin. It is a use of language that feeds confirmation bias. If you believe the “boogeyman” exists, then you are much more likely to attribute that sound you’ve heard or shadow you’ve seen to this mythological creation.

Yes, of course, there are racist people. There are also women who don’t date men who are 5′-5″ tall.

And conservatives are actually victims of systemic discrimination in university and elsewhere for going against the current leftist dogma. It is actually conservatives (classic liberals) who believe in true racial equality and freedom of speech who face oppression. It is the far-left, using institutions, corporations and government, as a means to intimidate, who silence or “cancel” those who take a stand for true equal justice. Racial minorities have legal protection against actual discrimination. Those standing up to leftist bullying are often without recourse.

If you want to end white privilege, then you must address the elephant in the room of political pandering, the racism of lower expectations and the other disparities between groups that have a stronger correlation with outcomes than race. The term “white privilege” is nothing but a psychological manipulation, a term used to drive a wedge along racial lines and steal votes from otherwise socially conservative racial minorities.

White privilege must be rejected in the most forceful terms possible. Those who use this kind of language are political predators, strategically encouraging and cynically exploiting the anxieties of racial minorities for sake of votes or other forms of social advantage. They are power hungry people who lack the common decency to encourage better angels, more helpful assumptions, to be embraced over fears.

Those using language that is intentionally and harmfully divisive along racial likes should be openly mocked and ridiculed.

They are clowns, the fools.

By All Appearances…

A few days ago I came across a story, shared by a friend, about a young man shot during an altercation with two other men. The disturbing video showed the young man, identified as Ahmaud Arbery, running around a corner, towards a pickup truck parked on the road and two men. One of the men holding a shotgun, the other standing on the bed of the truck, and it appeared to be some sort of ambush or confrontation.

The video was not very clear as far as how the melee actually started. But the man with the shotgun, Travis McMichael, appeared to be engaged by Ahmaud at the front of the truck, the two struggled for control of the firearm, three shots were fired, Ahmaud let go and stumbled to the ground as the third man, Gregory McMichael, the father of Travis, dismounted from the truck and appeared to have a handgun. The end result was clear, Ahmaud had been killed.

The reports made mention of the race of those involved. The McMichaels were “white,” Ahmaud “black,” and presumably that had relevance to the events that transpired. Apparently they had pursued Ahmaud as a potential suspect in a rash of recent break-ins in the neighborhood. It did not appear to be cold-blooded murder from what I could see. That said, their actions seemed overzealous from my first read of the situation. I’m not a fan of this sort of vigilantism and especially with racial profiling involved.

At the time there had been no charges filed. But, many, seeing the two ruddy faced Southern men, saw a pair of racist killers who stalked an unarmed black jogger. I mean, these weren’t real men, they were monsters right out of a Quentin Tarantino film and were probably hunting this African American man for sport. I mean, let’s be honest here, two rednecks in a pick-up truck, with firearms, against an unarmed black man. And, of course, their skin color had to be the only possible reason that they weren’t immediately charged.

Case closed.

I’m being facetious. I purposely racially profiled the McMichaels because I know that is what everyone is doing in this case. I’ll admit, I hears a drawl, sees two slightly overweight white dudes, one carrying a shotgun, another standing on the bed of a pickup truck and my mind creates a profile. Likewise, I hear a name like Ahmaud, hear him described as being an unarmed jogger and it sounds like he was some hapless fellow, simply out on a run, who took a wrong turn into a Hollywood horror film. Innocent black man murdered by white supremacists.

My Second Thoughts…

Well, it took me a day of emotional turmoil, stuck somewhere between those seemingly calloused to the fact that a young man was killed on one side, touting black crime statistics as if that somehow has relevance to this particular case, and those on the other side who turned this young man into a martyr while demonizing his counterparts. The truth is often a bit more complicated than the partisan narratives put out in these kinds of circumstances and that is my motivation in writing this, to find the real truth behind this unfortunate incident.

I do not expect those who are emotionally invested in one particular understanding and outcome to change their mind. Loyalties based in a person’s race and their ideological agenda are hard to break with logic and reason. There are certain social benefits to rejecting the evidence that goes against the popular narrative. Nevertheless, there are many in the middle who will give my personal observations and disclosures of facts left out of the mainstream accounting a fair shake. I’m going to ask a number of questions, based in the narrative being promoted, and then provide the answers that I’ve found.

Is the common profile of the two parties involved accurate? Was Ahmad “falsely assumed to be a criminal,” as a New York Times editorial tells us, or a victim of “white supremacists” as many advocacy groups claim? A case of “domestic terrorism” as an educated and professional-class Mennonite friend of mine puts it? Is this truly Mississippi Burning, a movie about cold blooded murder of civil rights advocates, the sequel?

Are all black men (like a friend of mine who said this could’ve been him) somehow in danger because of what happened in Brunswick, Georgia?

Appearances Can Be Deceiving…

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

(1 Samuel 16:7 NIV)

It is always interesting which pictures various media sources decide to feature. If they want someone to look guilty or evil they will pick the most unflattering picture possible. In this story all of the pictures featured of Ahmaud look like a prom photo, of him dressed up and smiling, while the photo more often featured of the McMichaels is one of them posing sternly with a wild boar and now in their orange jumpsuits. It is a stark contrast, for sure, and is sure to prejudice our understanding of events. Was it that no other photographs could be found? I’m doubtful of that and I’ll explain.

This sort of presentation is deliberate. If we see someone dressed in the garb that we associate with a particular social status we make assumptions about character. For example, if we see a person wearing scrubs and a stethoscope, we see a doctor or nurse. If we see someone wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase, we assume that the person is a professional of some kind. And, when we see someone dressed in an orange jump, being perp walked, we can’t help but see a criminal. Which is why those truly interested in justice hate this sort of thing, like Judge Allen G. Schwartz said in a case about the practice of perp walks:

… this Court is convinced beyond doubt that the perp walk procedure is not designed nor intended for the purpose of information dissemination, but rather for the purposes of incident dramatization and arrestee humiliation. The procedure is excessively harsh on the arrestee, and furthers the goal of information dissemination no more effectively than other more conventional and less intrusive methods that have been permitted by the courts.

Donna Lieberman, a New York Civil Liberties Union director describes, as follows, “It’s a way for the police to try their case in the press and to get the intimation of guilt by virtue of an arrest,” and a Village Voice writer, Nat Hentoff, said the following, [u]nder such circumstances, even Mother Teresa would look extremely suspicious, especially if her hands were cuffed behind her back.” The media is not held accountable for their prejudicial presentation of the two parties involved, but we certainly should be wise to our natural tendency to judge a book by it’s cover and presume innocence or guilt based on appearance.

Guilt By Association…

One of the most dastardly schemes of career propagandists is to dig up dirt on anyone a person was ever connected with and use it as evidence that suggests guilt. It is evil. It should be condemned by any moral and rational person.

The more obvious use of this tactic is by those trying to defend the actions of the McMichaels by pointing out the fact that black men are disproportionately represented in crime statistics and therefore being suspicious of a black man is justified. That, of course, is exactly why many people think that this is some kind of race-related incident. No, absolutely not! Mr Arbery, while black, should never be assumed to be guilty because of what other black men have done! That is preposterous, it is like suggesting that a random white dude is a serial killer or school shooter because of his skin color. Utter and complete nonsense!

But, equally stupid and malicious, is this idea that alleged corruption of officials in or around this case in Georgia has any bearing on the guilt or innocence of the defendants. Sure, these stories, written by professional journalists, do not tell you outright that we should associate the dirt that they found with the case itself and yet it is most definitely an effort to paint a picture. The intention is to prejudice their reader in a certain way and, since we know nothing about the parties involved besides a poor quality video, it works. It works the same way that a conspiracy video associating Dr. Fauci with mistrusted entities works.

But, let this be clear: Nobody is guilty because they are black. Nobody is guilty because they are in a picture with Jeffery Epstein either. Statistics never tell us about individual cases. Just because most men live to be 70 years old doesn’t mean that you won’t die in a car accident tomorrow and a prison chaplain is not a criminal simply for the company that he keeps. This is the same kind of thinking that was used to undermine the credibility of Jesus, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” (Luke 15:2) and is a tactic that can be used against anyone if you dig long enough. Many are acquainted with accused and convicted criminals, are you a sexual predator because you know or worked with one?

Profiles: Who Is Involved?

The irony is that those decrying “racial profiling” are often the most guilty of doing the same thing themselves. Much of the reporting that I’ve seen highlights the video and tells very little about the backstory or the men involved. The man shot was a “jogger” apparently being harassed for no reason other than his skin color. The “suspects” (who never denied their involvement that I know) are called “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” based on a short and shaky video clip.

Regardless of what you saw or think you saw in the video, no matter your preexisting views and culturally constructed profiles, do not be a tool of the system. Do not be a victim of your own prejudice by ignoring what is inconvenient to your own narrative, let’s discuss who was actually involved and the true events that led up to the deadly confrontation.

Travis and Gregory McMichael: Redneck Killers

This father and son duo, now charged with murder, are residents of the neighborhood where the incident took place. Gregory (who stood on the truck bed) is 64 years old, his son Travis (the one in the deadly scuffle over the firearm) is 34. The elder of the pair had a long career in law enforcement and had actually investigated Ahmaud Arbery over an incident involving a firearm at a high school basketball game that resulted in a criminal prosecution.

There is little that I could find that humanizes these two. I can’t find if they are married or divorced, how many children or grandchildren they have, there is that one hunting picture and now mugshots, along with their claims of having pursued Arbery after he was spotted snooping around an unoccupied home under construction. They claim there were a couple burglaries in the area and had suspected the young man was up to no good.

That’s a thin profile. It is a profile that one could easily project whatever they want to see onto, nevertheless it is what we have and is what colors our perspective of what happened. They were obviously acting in an aggressive manner for having grabbed their firearms and pursued the young man. I’m sure we will hear of every racially tinged comment they’ve ever made or questionable incident they’ve been connected to in the coming weeks and months.

The most important thing to know is that they are white men, who fit the profile of a racist villain (despite the lack of clear evidence of racial motivation) and therefore must be treated as one-dimensional representations of racial privilege and hate rather than real people.

That’s usually how this works, right?

Ahmaud Arbery: The Tuxedo Wearing Gentleman

Ahmaud was 25 years-old, a former high school athlete, according to widely published sources, and a jogger. He also had a bright smile. His mother loves him. That’s basically it. He was out for a run, over ten miles from his home, wearing cargo shorts, with a hammer.

Oh, wait, you didn’t know that?

Boots? High tops?

It’s in the video.

Where did that come from?

Don’t think too much.

Not that any of this makes Arbery guilty of any wrongdoing on the day of the incident, but he did bring a gun to high school basketball game, he also violated his probation by shoplifting a television and was looking into an unoccupied house under construction, according to witnesses, on the day he was killed. Again, that doesn’t make mean he was up to no good, but it does very much suggest that there is more to this than the “jogging while black” vast oversimplification in SJW memes and put out by the corporate media.

What Happened? Was It Murder?

Let’s get back to what we actually do know based on the video and Georgia law.

We know Abery was being pursued. We see that two men in a pick-up truck, the McMichaels, are clearly out for a confrontation and that Travis makes a move towards Ahmaud, while clutching a shotgun, that the younger man turned and engaged him. They struggle for control over the firearm, it discharged three times during the fight, and Ahmaud is fatally wounded as a result. Ahmaud may very well still be alive and well had Travis not pursued him. He would also likely have had a far better outcome had he not grabbed the business end of a firearm.

It is impossible to know if Travis intentionally discharged the weapon or if his finger was stuck in the trigger guard and that the shots were fired as a result of the firearm being yanked. But I do know that he had every right to have the firearm, he had every right to prevent the firearm from being taken by force, and that a struggle over a firearm is usually a matter of life and death. Even if he did pull the trigger with the intention to wound, the shots clearly took place in the context of the struggle and make a decent case for self-defense.

Ahmaud also had every right to feel threatened and scared. Firearms are an implied threat, especially when they are held by men who are in active pursuit and trying to confront. His actions, grabbing the shotgun, were unwise and yet not inexplicable in the heat of the moment. He was also defending himself from what is obviously a very aggressive act, no matter how justified, and the result of the encounter could possibly validate his concern. Then again, his own aggressive actions, grabbing the firearm rather than stopping to talk, may have sealed his fate as much as anything else.

Whether we agree with Georgia law or not is also not relevant. But it apparently is legal to arrest someone, as a citizen, and therefore we cannot legally fault the McMichaels for their own actions. However, I will say that what they did was stupid and the tragic results are all too predicable. Sure, maybe everything they claim is true and they were simply protecting their neighborhood. Still, I can’t defend what they did, even if it was completely legal, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the charges against them do stick. As the saying goes: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!”

Okay, Enough Already! Stop With This “It Could’ve Been Me” Garbage…

One common theme of the response to this sort of violent encounter is those who, solely on the basis of skin color, identity with one party or the other. Sure, we naturally do identify with people who look like us over those who do not. But, no, a white teenager being shot by a black man in Long Island, does not make me the next potential victim nor does a black man being shot make every other black man as likely to meet the same fate.

When Barack Obama said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” he was focusing on the one superficial thing he had in common with the young man killed while ignoring all of the significant differences. In truth, Obama, as a biracial man of privileged upbringing, had much more in common with the self-appointed community protector George Zimmerman who shot Trayvon Martin.

Fun fact: Zimmerman was a Democrat who had voted for Obama in 2008.


Anyhow, when a black friend says that “it could have been me,” they are either ignorant of the many important details that distinguish themselves from the young men involved in the violent encounter or are choosing to be ignorant. It is to assume that the only thing that actually matters is the race of the men, that the many actions that led up to the tragic circumstance did not matter, and is basically to see the world as a racist would. In other words, content of character means nothing to them nor does evidence. To them the black skin of those involved is the only thing that matters.

The McMichaels being white doesn’t make them any more like me than Ahmaud Arbery being black made him in any meaningful way similar to a Caribbean kid in Brooklyn with father who is a Mennonite pastor and to even suggest that is to be as wrong as those who try to use black crime statistics as an excuse to mistrust all black men. It is shameful and sad. It is to judge only on the basis of outward appearance and goes against the aim of true justice: To consider only the facts relevant, to not prejudice ourselves based on appearance alone, and protect people equally on the basis of their actions rather than their race.

I’m tired of this racially divisive nonsense. Stop it! So you call yourself a “person of color” (a term used by some Hispanics as a means to appropriate black history) and want to ride on the coattails of someone else’s victimhood? Okay, so pick Rosa Parks. Find yourself someone who was actually mistreated for their skin color alone. Or at least do not expect me to take seriously when you choose to form your identity in common with a known criminal who died partly due their own actions. Solidarity with someone simply based on skin color alone is stupid mindless garbage.

A normal, healthy-minded, person would not identity with either side of the fracas in Georgia. I am not a redneck. You are not a criminal. So get over your own racial profiling, stop peddling false narratives and feeding fears. And, yes, I’m talking to you, those who pander and patronize. It is repugnant and completely inexcusable that white elites push the victim narrative. It is exploitative. A means to climb the ladder of the current social hierarchy, completely disgusting and wrong. You wag a crooked finger at those who you claim are “racially profiling” and should have four fingers pointed back at you for the blatant hypocrisy…

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

(Matthew 7:2‭-‬5 NIV)

Got it?

Time To Disinfect the Dishonest Media

You might believe that President Trump told people to drink Lysol based on the coverage of one of his comments. 

But that is absolutely false and is nothing more than a political smear campaign under the mask of reporting news.  It is only the latest episode in corporate media dishonesty and is completely reprehensible.

This is what Trump actually said: 

“Question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light. And I think you said that hasn’t been checked but you’re going to test it.

And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re gonna test that, too. Sounds interesting, right?

And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets on the lungs and it does a tremendous number, so it will be interesting to check that. So that you’re going to have to use medical doctors. But it sounds, it sounds interesting to me. So we’ll see.

But the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute, that’s, that’s pretty powerful.”

Sure, Trump rambled a bit and was looking over to his experts, as if for assurance, several times.  He’s not the most articulate speaker. But how the heck did that ever get translated into “drink Lysol” and require the Lysol corporation to come out against drinking their product???

But the idea being spread that disinfecting the body is somehow crazy talk is even ignorant of the definition of the word.  The word disinfectant means, according to Merrian-Webster online dictionary, “an agent that frees from infection” and is exactly the goal of any treatment option—to remove the infection.  It is why we have antibiotics, it is what makes vitamin C work, and to say that is equivalent to telling someone to drink poison is insane.

Furthermore, we do actually have people drink poison as treatment.  We call it chemotherapy and it does cure people of some forms of cancer.  So even if disinfectant were a synonym for poison, which it is not, that is not actually outside the realm of medical science and is, in fact, a common practice.

So, once again, Trump is ridiculed and grossly misrepresented for being directionally right.

He was very clearly not saying that this should be a self-treatment option.  Again, he kept looking to his experts for their lead, suggesting that they “test it” or asking if they were (it was unclear), so the idea that a corporation had to come out and speak against drinking their product only shows you how far the media will go to bolster their lies.

But the truth is light and it will disinfect the lies that are being spread to discredit our President.  

Why Joe Biden Has No Chance Against Trump

Just as in 2016, when the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, supposedly led candidate Donald Trump by a wide margin, current polls show incumbent Trump trailing Joe Biden.  At the moment, according to the RealClearPolitics average, Biden leads Trump by 5.9 points, and the Democrat front-runner is using the national emergency as an opportunity to campaign aggressively against the ‘failures’ of the current administration. 

No doubt Biden is giddy about his chances, given that Trump’s three years of off the charts economic growth has been wiped away due to virus fears and forced closures.  Add to that, the corporate media, long in the bag for the Democrats, is gleefully reporting every death and alleged misstep of the Trump administration.  Given the suddenly bad economy and the rising Covid-19 death toll, 2020 should be a cakewalk for the Democrats, right?

Well, not quite.

An election is a choice and should be a choice for the better of two options.  Yes, it does appear that more are choosing Biden over Trump and that’s not a surprise given the years of mostly negative coverage of the Trump administration along with the current downturn.  However, if we sort through the partisan propaganda and compare Trump’s record to the actual alternative, will reasonable people actually choose against Trump?

Here are the seven simple reasons why Biden has no chance in November…

1) The Democrats were even further behind in their response to Covid-19.

The central complaint now is that Trump did not act fast enough.  But that is with 20-20 hindsight.  It is really easy now to see that the flu outbreak in Wuhan was bound to become a big disruption and yet that was not the case even a few months ago.  The Chinese withheld key information and did not allow the CDC or WHO into their country despite offers. 
Essentially, we (along with the rest of the world) were blind going into this and yet, despite this, the Trump administration (unlike the rest of the world and against the advice of models at the time) took the precaution of banning travel from China way back on January 31 and saved lives.  Had Europe and others followed Trump’s lead we would likely have avoided the current crisis.

Unfortunately, European leftists (like their Democrat counterparts here) were more concerned with political correctness than the safety of their people. Italian leaders even encouraged giving hugs Chinese immigrants from the Wuhan.  Democrats in Congress, for their part, were continuing their impeach Trump obsession.  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said nothing about Covid-19 until February 24th and that was full a month after the first US case.  She, along with other Democrat leaders, actually told people to visit the crowds in Chinatown and use public transportation.  The tune quickly began to change as the virus began to explode across Italy and into Europe.

Trump had foresight and vision.  Trump, while European leaders encouraged hugging people from Wuhan, banned travel from China.  Trump was taking action while Democrats were still focused on their anti-Trump agenda and as the corporate media continued to downplay the virus and ridicule Covid-19 preppers as being conspiracy theorists.  Sure, Trump could’ve done more.  But the Democrats said and did nothing until it was too late.  They are leading from behind and, worse, they were creating a distraction at the time they should’ve been focused on the threat coming from China. Biden has already said he would not have banned travel from China and would’ve let the virus walk right in through the front door.

2) The Democrats held American workers hostage in a time when immediate action was needed.

Where the Trump administration and most Americans saw a national emergency, the Democrats in Congress saw an opportunity to advance their far-left agenda.  A bill intended to give aid to those many people recently out of work due to state government orders was stalled for days so Speaker Nancy Pelosi and company could add their partisan wishlist.  As a result of these Democrat games, many hardworking Americans—stuck at home by no fault of their own—will suffer for a week longer.

Even as it had become clear that Covid-19 would cause severe disruptions.  The Democrats in Congress, rather than join Trump in a simple and direct stimulus those who needed it, decided to politicize the whole affair and use it to get things that had absolutely nothing to do with the virus.  They wanted $35 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and other completely unrelated nonsense.  The only thing that kept them from stalling the process longer is that people were tuned in (what happens when professional sports are gone and people are stuck at home) and there was real grassroots outrage.

The Democrats only did what was right for the American people after they knew that it would cost them politically to continue pushing party agenda over national good.  Had it been any other time the media would be able to provide cover and find a way to spin it against Trump.  But it was clear who was holding up progress, they had to back down from their absurd demands, and the Americans will finally get the relief that Trump wanted a week before they finally put the bill to his desk. 

Which uncovers the dirty little secret: Trump can do very little to help this crisis without the cooperation of the Democrats.  Democrats have control over the Legislative Branch.  They have been using everything in their power to undermine the President and paint him as a villain.  Some in the media actually hoped that the economy would crash so that it could be blamed on Trump.  Is it any surprise then, when the President’s opponents, the ones who actually hold the checkbook and know they won’t be held accountable by the media, dragged their feet a bit?

3) Democrat leaders on the true frontlines in the fight are praising the Trump administration’s response. 

Unlike Biden and his promoters, there are many Democrat leaders doing their job, who have put aside their usual politically-motivated cynicism, and working with Trump to save lives.  Some Democrats in Congress and the Democrat governors of New York and California, in particular, have given unusual praise to Trump for his response.  Take this from California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom:

“We had a private conversation, but [Trump] said, ‘We’re gonna do the right thing, and you have my support, all of our support, logistically and otherwise.’ So before he made those statements publicly, I had a private conversation with him around 4:30 West Coast time. And he said everything that I could have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation and every single thing he said, they followed through on.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom

I believe this is a sincere spirit of cooperation that comes with realizing this is not a time for political games.  Many Democrats play the game and yet some know when it is time to put the silliness aside and get something done.  Unlike Speaker Pelosi who saw an opportunity for a partisan power-grab, I believe the governors of New York and California see the suffering of their people and know that cooperation is the only way forward.  Unfortunately, Biden has not yet got the memo, he (with Speaker Pelosi) cannot put politics aside even in a national emergency and they are putting lives at risk with their resistance to a praise-worthy effort.

When someone as far-left as Ilhan Omar, a freshman Congresswoman from Minnesota, who regularly traded barbs with the President, could laud Trump’s response, then he’s definitely doing something right.  Perhaps it is simply that Omar is not as cynical as her geriatric colleagues, Pelosi and Biden, who seem to be stuck in their hyper-partisan and opportunistic ways?  But this is certainly not a time for political opportunism and Trump has shown his total willingness to work with Democrat leaders.  Biden, sadly, has attacked the President unfairly and seems only concerned with scoring cheap partisan points rather than what is good for the country right now.

4) Democrats and the media lied, Trump did not cut the CDC budget nor did he call the virus a hoax as has been reported. 

Early on in the crisis, there were vicious lies being circulated by opponents of Trump and lies that continue to be repeated by anti-Trump partisans even now despite being completely debunked.

The first, that Trump called the virus a hoax, is so bad that even left-leaning Snopes, while playing off Democrat misinformation as “confusion” rather than baldfaced lies, admits, “Trump did not call the coronavirus itself a hoax.”  What Trump did say, ironically enough given how his words were twisted, was that Democrats were “politicizing” the Covid-19 virus (which they were) and the hoax he mentioned was their accusations that he was doing a bad job of dealing with the virus.  It is absolutely absurd to claim that Trump was saying that the virus itself was a hoax when he had, on his own, banned travel from China a month earlier.

The second, that Trump cut the CDC budget is an old and wearisome tactic of Democrats to attack fiscal conservativism.  Somehow, no matter the crisis, with no connection between the cut and crisis itself, they will find some obscure cut to an agency and pretend that this cut (that had no proven connection or contribution to how the crisis unfolded) was at fault for the catastrophe.  In this case, despite the claim, there never was a cut to the CDC and, again, even left-leaning fact-checkers have had to (while giving excuses to Democrats) declare the claims against the President to be false.

But more important than all of that is that budget cuts do not mean what is being implied with the accusation.  The Democrats falsely claim that budget freezes are ‘cuts’ because the budget stayed the same and did not increase.  They also equate a cut with reduced capacity and more spending with greater effectiveness.  But that is utter nonsense.  The idea that throwing more money at a problem is a solution is complete bunk.  And there is zero-evidence that more money for the CDC (an agency that already has a 11.9 billion dollar budget) would have made any difference whatsoever and especially considering that the Chinese government would not even allow the CDC to help them.

The real question you need to ask yourself is this: If the media and Democrats deliberately misled you about those two things, demonstrably false claims that they had have known were false had they done any research, why would you believe them now?

5) Trump, with great foresight, warned us against our growing dependency on China and open borders.

Trump, while Democrats and media accused him of everything in the book for saying what needed to be said, it turns out, had the right message all along.  The shortages of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) came as a direct result of decades of bad trade policies.  Sure, that does not mean we would have contained or kept the highly contagious virus out, but at least then we would not be scrambling to get the equipment we need and could simply ramp up our own production.

Democrats have called Trump nasty names for wanting secure borders, even argued to abolish agencies that control the flow of people across our borders, they ridiculed him for tariffs (obsessing on the few negatively impacted) and yet here we are now seeing the fruit of their obstruction.  Had Trump gotten what he wished for, we would likely have more domestic manufacturing and more capacity to stand up to Covid-19.  Unfortunately, we were allowed, by both parties, to become dependent on a foreign country that does put their own people first unlike our own government which has put corporate interests and global ambitions first.

It seems strange, doesn’t it, that our Congress, who will hold other countries accountable for the slightest misstep, have so little to say about the routine human rights abuses of the Chinese.  It is not unusual for moral outrage to be unevenly distributed and there is no smoking gun evidence that suggests that our politicians are taking bribes to look the other way or sell us out.  Nevertheless, China does use our trade dollars to buy influence around the world, the children of our politicians (on both sides) do get suspiciously sweet ‘business deals’ with foreign countries, including China, and it would probably be worth investigating this issue from top to bottom.

At the very least, do not buy into the propaganda that it is racist to identify the origination point of the virus as being Wuhan, China.

Prior to this deadly outbreak, Democrats had been assailing Trump and the agencies established to protect our borders.  It is amazing how quickly that has changed.  Now it should be abundantly clear why we should have border security, especially considering that a year ago our Border Protection agents stopped a Chinese national traveling illegally with deadly viruses, and should also have stricter controls.  Yes, goods coming from China should be tariffed and now we should probably be demanding reparations as well.  And, yes, we do need to do what Trump has been saying from the start and bring manufacturing home.  We must look first to protect our own national interests because China and the rest of the world will not.

6) Covid-19 is a global pandemic that caught many world governments off-guard, all share a little blame.

It is easy to get very zeroed in on our domestic politics and not realize that we are in this with the rest of the world.  Many, on the left, seem to see Europe as being superior and a guide to our own policies, a month or so ago they might have laughed off Trump as unsophisticated, or even racist, for his travel ban as ‘progressive’ Europeans hugged immigrants returning from Wuhan.  But all that changes when friends and family start dying.  Italy, followed by the rest of Europe, suddenly became Trumpian in their response by restricting travel and taking the obvious measures necessary to blunt the spread.  Suddenly national boundaries mattered again.

If Trump made any mistake it was moderating his instinctive response.  Had he defied the experts and closed the gates to Europe, Iran and elsewhere, thousands of American lives may have been spared.  But nobody, nobody at all, at that time when he was banning travel from China, was urging Trump to do more.  Again, Nancy Pelosi, who is now sharply critical of Trump for not doing enough, as if he was supposed to have a crystal ball, was telling people in San Francisco to not worry about the virus, to continue to their commerce on the packed streets of Chinatown and was clearly not taking the threat very seriously.  And perhaps she had been following the European lead, where public health took a back seat to political correctness and cost thousands their lives?

Whatever the case, Trump, once again, was the only one making the right call and only erred in not taking his instincts (against the grain of the political establishment) further than he had.  It is absolutely unbelievable that the same people who stood in Trump’s way no matter what path he took, are now saying that he should’ve done more.  Trump did more than Congress, he did more than state governments, he did more the governments of Europe, and certainly did more than Biden who was completely silent on Covid-19 before it became impossible to ignore.  And now Biden, instead of taking the problem seriously, is merely using the fallout of the collective inaction as another angle of attack on the President.

7) No, the (temporarily) bad economy is not Trump’s fault.

One watching with an outside perspective may think that Trump is God as much has been blamed on him over the past few years.  But now, the same Democrats who gave Trump no credit for the roaring economy (and, yes, it was better than Obama’s “new normal” from a few years before) are now trying to pin complete responsibility on him for what has happened in the past couple of weeks.  This virus is a “black swan” event, it has taken the entire world off guard, not one expert predicted this, and there is very little Trump could do to prevent it from having a big impact on the economy even he was clairvoyant.  It is like when a deer runs out in front of you on the highway and you only have two bad options.

Furthermore, the plunge has to do with two things 1) the fear of investors who see uncertainty ahead and 2) shutdowns mandated by states that are the real cause of the employment numbers.  In reality, what we are seeing is economic self-sabotage (albeit for a good reason) and something created by our reaction rather than real economic conditions.  In other words, if you removed the virus from the equate we would still be experiencing Trump’s record-breaking growth and low unemployment.  I mean, if it wasn’t the whole world shutting down, it would make one wonder if this shutdown now, on an election year, was not just an effort to derail Trump who held the economy as his crowning achievement.  One still could wonder if there could be better mitigation strategies that would not do so much damage.  But I do digress.

The reality is, that once a vaccine is developed, once the governors give the all-clear and allow Americans to get back to work again, there is no better man to lead the rebound than the man who clearly had us going to great new heights.  If Democrats had just gotten out of Trump’s way a few years ago, rather than dedicate themselves to resistance, we may very well have been the only country with border and trade policies in place to minimize the threat of a pandemic.  Unfortunately, Trump and his administration were never given a chance, they were constantly put on the defensive and harrassed from even before they set foot in the White House.  As it turns out, the Obama administration’s justice department had been weaponized and used to disrupt Trump from day one.

Trump Deserves Your Support Come November.

It is hard knowing what will happen over the next few months.  The economy could, under Trump’s skilled leadership, rebound very fast or, with the uncertainty about who will be President, could be mired in recession.

Trump leads Covid-19 response.

The way the world does business will need to change dramatically in the post-globalist era that is now to come.  The paradigm must shift.  We cannot continue to treat China’s tyrannical regime like a legitimate source of goods, not when they spew tons of pollution, not while they corrupt our politics and abuse their own people.  Trump was right to identify China as a threat, he was right to believe that essential goods should be manufactured in American factories, and is also the right man to lead us to a future that is less reliant on Communist China.  He was the only one saying these things and now it is completely obvious.  Trump is right about China.

By contrast, Biden just doesn’t seem to get it.  He seems to see the whole Covid-19 crisis as something to exploit, politically, and to continue business as usual.  While Trump has done his part to reach across the partisan divide to Democrat governors that have not been very nice to him in the past and have given him every reason to personally dislike them, Biden continues his divisive campaign.  Biden’s nipping at Trump’s heels over details, during a national emergency, is asinine.  Sure, Biden, a feeble old man, tries to sound tough for second-guessing the President.  But maybe this career politician has forgotten that we know that he did nothing to confront the looming threat of China?

Biden, while his family got rich with strange business ties to China (which, in a fair world, should be enough to disqualify him from ever holding public office again) did nothing to protect American jobs and health from China.  Biden would serve his country, and party, best by endorsing Trump and dropping out of the race.  We know that won’t happen, but it would be the only way for Biden to preserve what remains of his dignity and be remembered as being on the right side of history for once in his otherwise disastrous career.

In conclusion, we need to finally give Trump a chance, having seen the consequences of the alternative.  It is precisely the fault of politicians, like Biden, that our country has become so dependent on China for things as basic and critical as PPE and drugs.  It is the obstruction of Democrats, like Pelosi, that kept Trump from securing the border and implementing tariffs to help bring back American jobs. Only Trump was talking about China in 2016.  We cannot afford to keep ignoring the threat of China anymore.  We cannot leave the economy in the hands of those who have sold out the American people and lined their own pockets.  It is time for Trump to have the mandate from the American people that he truly deserves.  

Covid-19: Where Do Our Individual Rights End?

There were many “muh rights” conservatives up in arms about forced closures intended to slow the spread of Covid-19. 

These libertarian/individualist types insist all social distancing measures intended to contain the virus should be entirely voluntary and were very upset when told to temporarily shut down.  Even if for the sake of their neighbors, they argue, it should be their choice.

I certainly can understand the frustration of a small business owner or someone living paycheck to paycheck being told that they are “non-essential” and can’t earn a wage.  It is especially bothersome when government officials privilege themselves and the businesses tied to them rather than join the rest of us.  Is a man living off tax dollars and investments really in the place to tell a waitress, with a small child, to stay home?

But the hypocrisy of politicians and economic concerns aside, the question remains: How far do our individual rights extend?  At what point should our governing bodies be allowed to interfere with our freedom to do as we please?

To answer this, I’m reminded of a quote “my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins” or what is called the “harm principle” and was articulated by John Stuart Mills as follows: 

“That principle is, that the sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their number, is self-protection. That the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not a sufficient warrant. He cannot rightfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinion of others, to do so would be wise, or even right… The only part of the conduct of anyone, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.”

John Stuart Mills

In short, we should be allowed to do whatever we please so long as it doesn’t harm other people.  Which would seem simple enough to apply, as a principle, when you are talking about when someone intentionally strikes another person and yet becomes extremely murky when talking about an invisible pathogen, especially not one that people can carry for weeks without showing symptoms or realizing that they are infected.  Is someone responsible for manslaughter if they shook hands with the person who passed Covid-19 to their elderly grandparent (or immuno-compromised relative) resulting in sickness and death?

At some point, the rights of the individual must be curtailed for the good of all others.  Sure, we do not close down all business for the flu season, despite the risk of thousands of deaths, those more vulnerable should also take more precautions rather than foist their limitations on the rest of us.  I also do not believe in taking away 2nd Amendment rights because of the abuses of a few individuals.  As some have pointed out, we do not ban motor vehicles despite tens of thousands dying every year in accidents.  So how do we decide now that a rogue virus from China is worth the imposition of sweeping restrictions on commerce and travel?

These are not easy questions to answers. But I do know this: When I decide to go out on the road I do that with full control over my own participation and understanding the risk.  If I die on my way to work (one of those reasons that I dislike my long commute and have been actually advantaged by the work from home order) it will be my own choice, but can the same be said of someone who gets Covid-19 because they need to eat?  Can the same be said of a nurse or doctor who, compelled by the nature of their profession to help, going to work in a time where there shortages of necessary protective equipment and they could bring infection with them back to their families?

There is a need for strong and resilient individuals who make their own decisions.  That is the backbone of this nation.  But there is also a need for concerted effort and coming together (or, in this case, staying apart) for the sake of our neighbors.  Initially, the governor of Pennsylvania issued strong recommendations.  However, when those were largely ignored, when voluntary compliance proved to be a failure to accomplish the desired ends, that is when the enforcement mechanisms came into play and why I disagree with those who say that it didn’t need teeth of law to be effective. 

In the end, it may actually be fairer to all to have the order enforced, where we are all harmed and benefited equally, than a mere recommendation that isn’t followed by many and is an entirely wasted effort.  So long as our elected officials also sacrifice their own economic interests, and prove they are in this with us, there are times when our individual rights take a back seat to the collective whole.  Even if you think that it is an overreaction (and it may well be) there is a time when a wise person realizes that they cannot possibly see everything and should be willing to voluntarily submit to orders that they do not themselves fully agree with.

I personally believe, especially with the very capable vehicle that I own, that I am safe driving over 100 mph in the right conditions.  I also do not see Covid-19 as posing a great threat to me personally as a healthy and relatively young individual.  But I am completely willing to submit, voluntarily, to what officials (informed by experts) are telling me.  There is no lasting harm to me in taking a few days off from my normal life for sake of my neighbors.  That said, there would be great harm to those who would, as a result of my carelessness, become infected and die.  So, I both drive the speed limit (for the most part) and will respect the order of the state as much as I am able.

All that said, we are living in a moment, a time of war, when we must be especially wary of government overreach.  Our patience with this imposition should not be indefinite.  It can certainly not be allowed to be used by opportunists, both in our legislative and executive offices, as a permanent power grab.  This is a good time to prepare for the fight with those who will use this true crisis as their foot in the door for tyranny. So, keep your distance for now and also keep your firearms clean. After we are done beating this virus we may need to reiterate our rights. 

We have the right to take down tyrants for the same reason the government is allowed to curtail individual rights: To protect ourselves and others from harm.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As one who sounded the alarm early about a viral outbreak in Wuhan, China, I will also tell you where I think the Covid-19 pandemic will go from here. Specifically, how it will continue to impact Americans in the coming weeks and months. There are many questions that linger in the minds of those who are out of work, worried about becoming ill, and what this will mean for our future. So, without further ado, here are my projections for the future:

1) Covid-19 Will Soon Become a Manageable Problem

At the current time there are some very pessimistic outlooks. Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has painted a picture of months and isn’t alone in that assessment. By contrast, President Trump, in a Tweet, has urged a balanced approach that prevents long-term economic damage by getting Americans back to work as soon as possible:

The President expresses a real danger. Yes, Covid-19 has characteristics that made it worth putting the country on pause for a moment. But, no, we should not react in fear and risk a far greater disaster by ruining the very thing that we need to be able to fight the virus. The first phase of this war, while our medical professionals geared up, was to stay home and slow the spread to make it manageable, but that is not a permanent solution and would have disastrous consequences if continued for too long.

As resources become available, as Americans continue their vigilance to wash their hands and take precautions, we can begin to relax some of the restrictions put in place as a temporary stop-gap measure. One of those resources being new treatment options including a very promising use of an old and proven anti-Malaria drug called chloroquine, that has been deployed by the French with a 100% success rate, and (thanks to prior efforts to ease FDA red tape) it has already been used to save a Florida man’s life. Once a good treatment option is made available it would be unnecessarily destructive to keep the country in lock-down.

So don’t count on this taking months. There may be another week or two of waiting this out, as production is ramped up and kinks worked out of the supply chain, but after that there will need to be a return to work for most Americans. It would irresponsible to do otherwise. Life is full of risks, we continue to drive despite over 40,000 people dying in automobile accidents per year and we do not close down the country for flu season even given the estimated 23,000-59,000 flu deaths, so why extend the economic damage after a good treatment option is available?

2) Congress Will Eventually Pass Relief Measures

It is absolutely despicable that Democrat leaders in Congress have held up immediate relief for the American worker. This sort of partisan political maneuvering, especially in a time of national emergency, is unacceptable and the American people should demand an end to it. But, seizing the opportunity to railroad their agenda and special interests, a few have refused to cooperate for the good of the American people. Democrats will pay a heavy price, come November, for these games.

In the meantime, state governments and the Trump administration have and continue to intervene on behalf of the American people. Already Trump has waived interest on student loans and ordered that the official IRS filing deadline to be delayed into July rather than the usual April 15th date. In Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, rules for collecting unemployment benefits have been relaxed. This is tremendous for ratcheting down anxieties for many Americans (including yours truly) and is just the tip of the iceberg as far as things being changed or made available. This will help to blunt the economic impact and will eventually be joined by the worthless laggards in Congress.

All of this, plus the return of many of many Americans to work will result in quick economic bounce back. The only thing holding back the record growth of the past few years from continuing is the artificial conditions created by government ordered closures of business. Once business is allowed to resume the American people will go back to doing what they do best and that is powering the most innovative and powerful economy in the world. Even without the government intervention that would be the case, get out of our way and we’ll get the job done.

3) It will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Covid-19 is very contagious and even Trump’s drastic and unprecedented measures, very early on, to ban travel from China only slowed the advance of this deadly pathogen. Had Europe and other countries followed the President’s lead there very well may have been no crisis, thousands of lives spared, and no economic damage. Unfortunately the politically correct liberal Democracies of Europe refused to take necessary action, our Democrats were still pushing their impeachment narrative, and the opportunity was missed.

The number of active cases will likely increase, as the Surgeon General has predicted, and our medical system (particularly in hot zone areas) will probably be stretched to the breaking point. The numbers of cases piling up, crowding hospital Intensive Care Units, will give the impression of a situation spiraling out of control. Supplies, due to our over-dependence on China and their playing politics with the lives of our people, will fall shot of demand leading to some very difficult choices. We could have scenes very similar to Italy in some places in this country and there is very little, at this point, that we can do to prevent this.

However, this too will pass. It will be a phase. There will be loved ones mourned and those who struggle for weeks before recovering, but in the end our capacity will begin to match the need, our efforts to “flatten the curve” will have paid off, and better treatments will become more widely available. There will be a terrifying spike followed by a decline. News will soon start to come in of people going back to work, markets will recover some of their confidence, those who politicized this national emergency will face the rebuke of their constituents, and the superb management of this crisis is likely to vault Trump to a second-term despite the constant stream of lies coming from his opponents:

The corporate propaganda media has won some battles in painting the public perception of Trump, but they will not win the war. People, even traditional Democrats (and especially pro-Bernie leftists) are beginning to see through the games of those who are supposed represent them. We will find out who is receiving money from China to spin this against our military and Trump. Why did a US Presidential candidate’s son get lucrative deals for meaningless jobs with Chinese firms? Was it a bribe? The American people demand answers!

4) The Authoritarian Regime of China Will Be Isolated

Corporate greed, along with Communist ambitions, have created the Globalist paradigm of our current world. Both Democrats (neo-libs) and Republicans (neo-cons) have supported ruinous trade policies at the expense of the American worker for decades. We have seen our industrial centers erode, people forced to settle for retail jobs with little upward mobility, while the coastal elites played and pretended their was no problem. While our politicians passed draconian measures to regulate our industries into oblivion, smog belching Chinese factories didn’t so much as get a mention by Greta Thunberg at the UN.

There will be a growing awareness, especially among typical Democrat voters, that we are being sold out. Many Bernie supporters, seeing Trump’s willingness to help Americans in practical matters, will jump ship and vote for him in 2020. Trump, for his part, will continue his campaign against the authoritarian regime that rules over China with an iron fist, he will continue to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of dealing with a corrupt government that refuses to play by the rules, commits horrible human rights abuses, and is a growing military threat to our friends in Asia. The virus from Wuhan will be the last straw, the thing that wakes people up to the truth, and will push them into Trump’s camp.

You do not need to like Trump to agree with his isolation of China, you only have to be moral and concerned about the future of the world. We cannot afford to exempt China from the rules that apply to every other industrialized nation. They cannot be allowed to deplete our ozone layer and thumb their noses at the international community or buy the silence of our corrupt leaders, enough is enough, we need to say “no” to business as usual with China. We must not fall for the propaganda of calling it racist to criticize the Chinese government and pinpoint them as the origin of this deadly Covid-19 world pandemic. We cannot forget that they hid the truth for weeks, refused to allow the CDC or WHO in, and now are trying to blame us.

Hey, You Conspiracy Cons and Deranged Dems — Knock It Off!!!

Sometimes, while I’m taking in the stupidly partisan commentary about Covid-19, from both sides of the political divide, I want to grab these squabbling adult children by the shoulders and, with my best dad-voice, tell them to “knock it off!”

For over three years they’ve been in the back of my metaphorical family minivan as me and their metaphorical mother have tried to have a serious conversation. “Daaad, Donald hit me” screams Hillary. Followed by “But she called me a big baby and tried to push me out of the middle seat and mommy said the middle seat is mine!”

Of course, I’ve been trying to ignore them and keep it between the lines. Mom and I are trying to find the next exit, so we can eat, and really don’t need the distraction. Finally, when a shriek comes the back seats that can’t be ignored, it is time to stop and straighten out the mess on the side of the road: “Hillary, I see you kicking Donald under the seat, knock it off, and Donald…umm…what, on Earth, did you do to your hair?!?”

It is plain dangerous to have children fighting over meaningless things. The distraction from important matters could lead to terrible and irreversible consequences. The problem is, however, that children do not know they are children, they do not know the limits of their own perspective or when it is time for them to quit playing their games. It is up to the adults to set them straight, tell them to stop fighting each other, stop causing a scene, or we stand the very real risk of wrecking our entire system.

I’ve tried to steer clear of partisan politics as much as possible concerning the virus spreading to the world from Wuhan. Unfortunately, there are many others who obviously do not understand the seriousness of the situation (or do not care) and are cynically taking advantage of the crisis rather than put their partisan games aside. This can’t be business as usual, this is a threat to our nation, to Republicans and Democrats alike, every identity group, and therefore we must come together for the good of all.

So, time out, you conspiracy cons and deranged Dems, I have something to tell you both, listen up!

To the conspiracy cons…

Okay, I get it, you are tired of getting bullied by the media, trampled on by politicians and made your voices heard on election day in 2016.  I know many of you are fearful that the Democrats, with their “deep state” allies, who have spent three years trying to find an excuse to remove President Trump from office, are simply stirring up hysteria to sink the economy. And, when anti-Trumpers cheer the Coronavirus downturn, that sends the message that it may be another one of those fake crisis moments.

There is also, among conservatives, this tough guy shtick, which is usually fine, it is better than making excuses, whining about life being unfair, or waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting and it is this can-do attitude that made this country great. So, go ahead, buy that full-sized pickup truck that you don’t need, get that go anywhere 4 x 4 that spends most of its life on the pavement, and shout “this is ‘merica!” while shooting your “combination AK-57 Uzi radar laser triple-barrel, double scoped heat-seekin’ shotgun. *belch*

But sometimes the silly bravado needs to be put aside. And not every bad thing that happens in the world is a “liberal” conspiracy.

Covid-19 *is* actually a big deal. There is good reason to be concerned. Due to our over-dependence on China and global supply chains, there is a shortage of necessary protective equipment for medical workers and that poses a serious risk to your friends or family who work as doctors and nurses. They cannot save your life or that of your neighbors if they are without the tools they need to do the job.

That is also part of being an American, caring about the impact that our own actions may have on our neighbors and helping them as needs arise. Sure, we are an independent and self-reliant bunch, but there are times to come together for the good of all and this is one of them. Sure, the virus may not be deadly for you personally, but it is deadly to many others and would kill far more if there was a collapse of our medical system caused by too many getting infected at the same time.

Rush Limbaugh is wrong on this one, Covid-19 is not the “common cold” or normal seasonal flu. The Chinese government, Communists who usually don’t care about a few dead people, would never have shut down their economic heartland for something that they did not see a huge threat. And, likewise, Italy, France, and others are sounding the alarm, they are telling us to take the right precautions now (rather than refuse to deal with the threat proactively, as they did) or suffer the terrible consequences. Countries around the world, from the Philippines to Peru, have elected to put a “lockdown” in place to slow the spread of this virus and prevent a bad situation from getting much much worse.

Current estimates put the death rate anywhere from 0.25 to 3% or at least twice the flu and likely a whole order of magnitude more (which may not seem like a big deal to those of you who failed Prob & Stats in high school, but really is) and, not only that, but it could go from bad to disaster in a hurry once we reach and overwhelm the capacity of our ICUs and medical facilities.

What overall death rates do not tell you is how many could or would likely die if they did not get weeks of intubation and oxygen. It does not tell you what would happen when our medical professionals run out of masks and necessary protective equipment. Doctors in Italy, having reached the capacity of their system, have had to make tough choices about who gets treatment and who is basically left to die. If we were to continue our cantilever attitude and let it spread at an exponential rate, it could very well be working-age people dying in significant numbers and that would do more lasting economic damage than a slow down for a couple of weeks.

The floodwaters will eventually overtop our levies if we do not slow the rainfall of cases. Sure, you may not live in a low-lying area. Sure, maybe the rain will stop on its own before the flood wall is breached.  But since when do real Americans put their neighbors in danger with their indifference? You might say “big deal if I get sick, but have you thought once of your older relatives or those who are already struggling with a serious medical condition and would have a far higher likelihood of dying? If you are more worried about losing a paycheck or two than you are about the well-being of your community, then maybe it is time to rearrange some priorities?

Stop being such snowflakes under that He-Man facade! Everyone knows that you’re in denial of the potential threat because you’re afraid Trump will lose, and never mind the economic downturn is clearly caused by a virus that nobody else has yet contained and originated out of a country that your dear leader has ranted and raved about for three years now. Haven’t you learned anything since 2016? Or has this tiny little virus suddenly turned your man into a big loser? Covid-19 has already killed more Americans than illegal immigrants and you’re mad that were taking precautions?

To the deranged Dems…

Sorry, Trump-haters, you’ve lost all credibility and need to shut up. You’ve cried wolf and shown your hypocrisy too often to be taken seriously anymore.

I find it absolutely astonishing that the same people who were trying to undermine Trump as he decided to close travel from China a month ago (and before anyone else was talking about it) are now acting as if he didn’t do enough. You folks were doing absolutely nothing then and I know because I was paying attention. Worse, you were distracting the President with your falsehoods, while he had a country to run, and would’ve called him nasty names if he had taken more drastic measures. Add to that, the running joke, on Twitter, about going to Trump rallies to intentionally infect them with Covid-19. But now you are saying we should take you seriously when you attack Trump for not taking seriously something you were laughing about a week or two ago? Do you know what that looks like? It looks like cynical political opportunism, it looks like the small-minded exploiting a bad situation for partisan gain, and is precisely why nobody who voted for Trump (or will in 2020) trusts you to lead.

You Trump-haters have all the resources on your side, the corporate media (including the giant tech firms), those “deep state” assets employed in government agencies, and control the entire educational system from Kindergarten to grad school, and yet you can’t win against a Twitter troll?

Perhaps that would be a reason for some soul-searching instead of blame-shifting to Bernie or cooking up some wild Russian collusion conspiracy theory instead?

And, no, contrary to the lies you’ve been told, Trump did not cut anything essential to dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. China would not even allow the CDC (or WHO) into their country, they concealed the virus for weeks, they even accused their own people of “spreading rumors” for sharing the truth and now are saying that it is racist to accurately identify them as source of the virus.

Then I have some Bernie-bot telling me the system has failed and that we need full-on Socialism???

Are you out of your flippin’ mind?!?

The system hasn’t failed, the system is quite good, actually, and would be even better if we had we followed Trump’s advice over the past few years and weren’t overly dependent on Communist China. The United States, thank you Capitalism and private insurance, actually has around twice the ICU beds of any other country in the world and there is amazing cooperation to build more ventilators as we speak. So, sure, there is always plenty of room for improvement, but absolutely no reason for us to tear it down and start all over and especially not with an economic system that has failed everywhere it is tried.

Lastly, it is precisely because you have blown everything completely out of proportion over the past few years (comparing Trump to Hitler, etc) that many others are not taking Covid-19 seriously enough. That story about the boy who cried wolf? It is written about you sore losers who could not accept the results of the 2016 election and decided to start playing silly partisan games.

No, Trump is not Hitler.

No, he did not collude with the Russians or at least no more than Obama…who had promised Putin he would have “more flexibility” in his second-term.

And, for the life of me, I can’t understand why it doesn’t matter that Biden, acting as Obama’s vice-president, was okay to use his office to end a Ukrainian investigation of his son’s company and yet it is somehow impeachable for Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate corruption, really?!?

I thought that you Democrats were all about transparency and investigations, that someone who didn’t want endless probes into their private affairs is obviously hiding something!??

Anyhow, now we have a real crisis, one that Trump has been handling reasonably well, all things considered, and your side is still politicizing it as hundreds of Americans become infected. To borrow the words of your favorite child, Greta Thunberg: Shame on you! Shame on you for your duplicity, shame on you for eroding the trust that Americans have in their institutions by weaponizing government agencies against conservatives (not only Trump) and always using fear to manipulate voters. Now nobody believes you anymore and you are still dividing us when we should be uniting behind our leaders for the good of all.

To the adult Americans…

Thank you for being a nation that knows when to pull together, put differences aside and overcome. We may not all agree completely with the President, with our governors, and elected officials, but we do realize that they have tough decisions to make and will do our part to help in the effort. This is not about what happens in November, the virus and the fallout is not something anyone could have foreseen, yet it is a test of the character of this nation. We must prove, together, that this is an enterprise worth preserving, worth improving, and can continue the work of creating a great nation in this moment of global uncertainty and crisis.

When the threat has finally passed we will build a more robust and resilient economy, a system more prepared for the threat we are now facing and never go back or allow the vulnerabilities that led to this economic shutdown. We will demand that the over-reliance on a totalitarian Communist regime be brought to an end, we will reevaluate our border policies and strengthen them against the next deadly viral outbreak, and bring more jobs to our fellow countrymen and to nations more friendly to our own national aspirations. The stupid partisan bickering over things that really don’t matter needs to stop, we need to be one nation again.

No more letting conspiracy cons and deranged Dems run the show. It is time for the adults to step up and shut the clowns down. It is time to stand behind our leaders even when we voted for the other side. A house divided cannot stand. We are fortunate that Covid-19 is not nearly as deadly as some other viruses or the partisan divisions that hampered our response may very well have been fatal for our nation. The adults should do the driving from now on. The children can learn to sit quietly, respecting each other and the adults. Let’s make America greater than ever together!