Why Black Americans Should Vote For Trump

There is a myth, perpetuated by the Democrats, that somehow, back in the 1960s, they ceased to be the party of racism and were replaced in that role by Republicans. The original claim is that Richard Nixon, as a part of a “Southern strategy,” used racist “dog whistles” to win over those who had been part of the party of the KKK (Democrats *ahem*) and, while no evidence is given, this myth persists, unchallenged, in the Democrat controlled media.

The reality is that Nixon championed desegregation and also signed into law both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act. It was actually Nixon, not Democrats, who was the first President to supported affirmative action against racism. Furthermore, Nixon did not win the Deep South in his first Presidential campaign. So, there is zero indication that this so-called “Southern Strategy” being anything more than a “War Red Plan” (the hypothetical, never acted upon, plan to invade Canada) and the more likely scenario is that it was simply fabricated by Democrats, like the Russian collision narrative, as a means to fear-monger and gain the loyalty of minorities.

Furthermore, claims that Barry Goldwater, who ran against Nixon in the Republican primary, being against civil rights are equally spurious. It is true that Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights act, but on the principle that some matters should be worked out at a state or local level rather than mandated by the Federal government, as a strong proponent of the tenth Amendment, and not in opposition to racial equality. It was, in fact, the Democrats who had stood in the way of the advancement of black Americans in the South and elsewhere.

Nixon did win in a landslide victory in 1972, finally ending Democrat dominance of the Deep South, but he won on the power of a strong economy and foreign policy success—not racial politics.

Verdict: This bit of leftist canon, that Republicans attempted to win the Southern vote through racist “dog whistles” is partisan nonsense. The truth is that all Americans flourished under Nixon’s economy, black, white and otherwise.

As a result of this success Democrats had to come up with a new strategy themselves…

The Democrat Strategy of Exploiting Economic and Minority Fears

One odd bit of history is that many black voters switched party allegiances away from the party of Abraham Lincoln and during a time when many other Democrats were still wearing white robes at night. It began in the 1920s, a consequence of the Great Depression, when Franklin D. Roosevelt lured urban black voters away from the party of freedom and into the grasp of paternalistic government. The “New Deal” began the series of Socialist programs that has, over the past century, ensnared many black Americans into a cycle of dependency and voting out of fear of losing opportunities.

Democrats eventually co-opted the Republican civil rights mantle, albeit in a different form: As before, Democrats remain the party of racial division and hate, but now they use their own legacy of violence and intimidation to scare minority voters into line by accusing their opponents. Democrats, rather than take ownership of their racist slaveholder past, shunt responsibility onto all Americans. They go as far as to use the sins of their own party to tarnish the flag that represented those who died to free the slaves. It is completely stunning that Democrats (and their surrogates in the corporate media) have so thoroughly fooled so many Americans about their clear historic culpability for racial prejudice.

Speaking of potential racist “dog whistles,” it was Hillary Clinton who described offenders, primarily black, as “superpredators” and as a means to justify harsh “three strikes” legislation. Barack Obama had eight years to do something meaningful to address this issue relevant to black communities and did nothing besides continue the Democrat tradition of stoking racial division for electoral gain. It is, in fact, Trump, a man Democrats routinely smear as a racist, who has started to take action to put an end to this injustice. As a result of the “First Step Act,” signed into law by Trump, over 3,100 people have been freed as of this year and more likely to follow.

Many blindly loyal to the Democrat party and reading this may say, “but, wait, didn’t Trump say racist things about Mexicans, Muslims, and others?”

And, of course, that has been the narrative pushed by the far-left and media propagandists. But that only shows how obsessed they are with race and exploiting minority fears. First, Mexicans are not a race nor are Muslims. Both the religion and the nation are open to all races and include people of many backgrounds, so how is it racism? Second, for Trump to say that Mexico does not send us their best is the very opposite of a prejudiced sentiment, it is to acknowledge the reality that there are both good and bad Mexican nationals and therefore reason to legally vet them. Trump is not against legal immigration nor are those who voted for him, but he is opposed to allowing the bad to flow in along with the good—as means to protect all Americans from harm.

Anyhow, of the Americans most harmed by the current Democrat “open borders” policies, it is black Americans often suffer disproportionately and are stuck trying to compete for jobs with those who are here illegally and getting paid under the table. This, along with the outsourcing brought about by Democrat trade policies, is the reason why wages have stagnated for entry level jobs. Sure, those Americans at the top have prospered, but many other Americans have seen their economic opportunities diminish as a result. Which is fine with the Democrats, even desirable, because they have trained many to be dependent on them and the scraps of “free stuff” they offer at the expense of other Americans.

The vision that Trump has is a country with secure borders, for immigration and trade policies that are for the benefit of the common man rather than the political and corporate elites. He is a man who seems to be equally pleased when any American is successful regardless of race and is also willing to call out corrupt politicians despite their race. For example, when Trump fired back at Elijah Cummings, the thirteen term Representive of Baltimore, who had attacked him over detaining illegal immigrants, it answering rebuke with rebuke—as Trump does with all Democrat elites.

Verdict: Trump is certainly not politically correct, he does not play by their rules, he’s not afraid to trash talk and punch back against anyone who starts something with him, but nobody accused him of being a racist until after he decided to run for President as a Republican. The evidence of his racism does not hold up to scrutiny and, at very least, he’s not as racist as those who use race as a part of their political hustle.

Black Democrats Are Used As Political Pawns

Democrats will use black colleagues to shield themselves from legitimate criticism, while at the same time targeting black Republicans for daring to challenge their control of the black vote. Black men who dare to think for themselves are portrayed as stupid or mentally ill. For example, when world renowned neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, ran in the Republican primary, he was ridiculed for an odd opinion he held decades ago.

Meanwhile, when the son of a white far-left woman and a Socialist from Kenya becomes President, any legitimate criticism of this man’s policy is portrayed, by Democrats, as being racist. When Democrats claimed, without any recording or other evidence, that those protesting a huge expansion of government control (the so-called “Affordable Care Act) used racial slurs, the media simply ran with the narrative. Despite many cameras being present and rewards offered by those skeptical of the claim, there was never any evidence besides the accusations made by Democrat elites.

Democrats use accusations of racism for the same reason they push children in front of cameras. They hide their bad ideas behind vulnerable people. Black people are used as human shields, to insulate Democrat elites and their far-left agenda, from critique. It is exploitation and part of a two-pronged strategy to gain political advantage. The first part to silence those who oppose them by branding them as a bully or racist for speaking out. The second part is to create a climate of racial tension and fear intended to keep black Americans from considering their better options.

This is why race relations worsened with President Obama and conditions for black young people are improving under Trump. Trump is about the color green (making the economy great for all Americans) while Obama, as a dedicated leftist and ‘progressive’ Democrat, was oriented towards gimmicks like putting rainbow flags on the White House.

For Democrats race is merely a tool for political ends, a part of a divide and conquer political strategy, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the real and measurable advancement black people. This is why there are white Democrats posing as racial minorities, as a means to advantage themselves politically, think no further than Rachel Dolezal who pretended to be black and used that deception as a means to become a chapter president of the NAACP until exposed. Or, of current Democrat front-runner, Elizabeth Warren, who leveraged a fake Cherokee heritage to rise through the ranks. And does anyone actually believe that Shaun King, a Marxist agitator, is truly black?

The truth is that black Americans are being lied to and used as pawns to advance an ideological agenda that has only led to more poverty for more people as it is applied here. Sure, the Democrats give this proven failure a new name, they use terms like “social justice” and “affirmative action” to describe their agenda. But it is really only about control for them and their political cronies. Like it or not, men like Colin Kaepernick have been manipulated by a web of deception created to mentally imprison them. There was a time when many black Americans fought and died for our country, stood for the true ideals of the flag, and despite facing severe injustices at home. Sadly, the symbol of liberty and justice for all, the greater ideals of this nation, have been under decades of attack by the far-left.

Verdict: Democrats will keep you as pawns rather players. Sure, they might say that they care about black Americans, even pretend to be black to gain trust, but the truth is that their real agenda is power and control for themselves at the expense of all other Americans.

What Do You Have To Lose?

The Democrats have been successful in dividing Americans on all fronts. They may claim to care about the plight of black Americans, women, and the oppressed. But that is a ploy to gain votes, it is mere identity politics, and a desperate strategy change after white robes and burning crosses in lawns ceased to be effective. Trump, by contrast, does not seem to care about race, he certainly does not pander for the black vote. However, a few years into his presidency, with unemployment down and opportunity up for all Americans, his invitation to black Americans in 2016 gains appeal, “what do you have to lose?”

Black Americans, those whom the Democrats use to win elections and then discard, have everything to gain because they have gained under Trump. Trump, despite facing a headwind of Democrat opposition and obstruction, too many false accusations to count, has still almost miraculously managed to turn the Democrat malaise into record growth and economic development. If he had a little help from black Americans, fed up with Democratic lies, he would surely continue his work for criminal justice reforms that he started despite only getting a small percentage of the black vote.

But my vision goes well-beyond four more years of Trump and small improvements for my black fellow Americans. This goes to restoring the hopes of those who dreamed of the greater ideal of this country to be finally realized. As one who came of age in the 1990s, I had believed that racial division was something of a bygone era and loved my classmates of good character regardless of their race. The reality is that most Americans are like me, we want racial harmony, national unity and a chance to move forward together. It is time to reject those who divide Americans by race, who foment fear for political gain, and try something different.

Trump is not the perfect man for the job. He has many flaws. But, in that he has been unfairly targeted by Democrats for not following their rules of speech and conduct, he has something in common with many black Americans who faced similar unfair treatment. Trump is a man who gets it, he understands blue-collar Americans, and also knows the dirt on the cultural elites. That is why they hate him so much, they know that he is slowly but surely exposing what is beneath their facade.

Democrats like putting on “blackface” to win elections. And I’m not talking about Ralph Northam or Justin Trudeau and other leftist politicians who are conveniently allowed to do things that would get a conservative politician ran out of office. Democrats pander to the black community, put on phony accents, carry hot sauce, and cheesily play to various racial stereotypes for votes. Unfortunately, they have not done anything of value for black Americans in the hundred years since FDR convinced struggling Americans that his “New Deal” (aka Socialism) would bring them success.

Socialism hasn’t delivered and never will. We need to end the government programs that have broken the black family and have created a cycle of poverty and dependence. We must reject politicians who plant seeds of envy, anxiety, hate and division. We do not need to be a house divided white and black, male and female, religion against religion. We can, in fact, choose to be one nation, under God, prospering because of our shared faith and hard work, striving together for a better tomorrow, and that is what it means to make America great again.

Verdict: Black Americans have gotten nothing in exchange for their one hundred years of loyalty to the Democrat party, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by voting for Trump in 2020.